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NASA Office of Small Business Programs, Where Small Business Makes a Big Difference
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    FY18 NASA
    Small Business

    Administrator's Cup
    Award Winner

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    FY2017 NASA Small Business Industry Awards


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    FY2017 NASA Small Business Industry Awards


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    NASA Office of Small Business Programs Mobile App now available
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    NASA Revamps Technology Commercialization Readiness Program

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    A Case for
    Small Business

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    Did you know... NASA is the only agency that has a Historically Black College and University (HBCU)/Minority-Serving Institution (MSI) 1% goal for both prime contracts and subcontracts?

    Office of Small Business Programs, where small business makes a big difference.
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    Small Business
    Success Stories

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Associate Administrator’s Welcome Message

Glen A. Delgado
Greetings and welcome to the NASA Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP) Web site. NASA is committed to providing all categories of small businesses an opportunity to participate in both NASA prime contracts and subcontracts. To do this we need to ensure that the lines of communication are open and effective. This web site is key to that open communication.

Glenn A. Delgado
Associate Administrator

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NASA Acquisition Forecast
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